the custom collective

making things beautifully

Why We Are

The Custom Collective exists to provide access to design and objects that cannot be found in your local mall or high street. We highlight designers, craftsmen and creators whose lives revolve around using their considerable skills in making uniquely customisable and functional items which fit with your particular lifestyle.

All items in our shop are intended to appeal to to those who are sick of mass produced, low quality goods, those who want to be involved in the design process and, at the end of it all, are looking for functionally beautiful stuff.

The Collective

We will have a plethora of goods but no commercial brands. Our objective is to provide the opportunity for up and coming, local, designers and makers to offer a range of desirable, customisable products that will make your jaw drop. The people we feature will range from cabinet makers to skateboard graffiti artists and everything in between.  We will vet the collective members to ensure that we only have the best.

But...,there is a price to pay for this. Every item will be handcrafted to order. You may have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery.

Jobs in the Making

We want to provide you with the best that money can buy. But it is not all about you. One of the main objectives of The Custom Collective is to grow the pool of artisans and create jobs. We will have two measures of success -

  • were you delighted with the object you purchased from us?
  • did The Custom Collective allow the small businesses that we feature to grow in terms of the number of jobs created?

The success of The Custom Collective depends on your satisfaction and the growth of the collective craftsmen.